In their work, doctors often encounter those patients who, according to vital indications, need to prescribe an unregistered drug.  

Ordinary for such drugs arise the questions about the experience of the application, the dosages, the conditions of transportation and storage, etc.

Our company provides information support for specialists about all unregistered drugs, participates in conferences of Russian and international level, communicates directly with the manufacturer of medicines, therefore it is possible to clarify the information for the doctor and receive an official response from the manufacturer.

Farmamondo Vostok Ltd. has experience in organizing the delivery of drugs for clinical researches on the basis of your health facility with the permission of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation for import.

Also, we are ready to help your patients with the purchase of unregistered medicines: to obtain permission to import, arrange delivery of the drug both to the health facility and the patient himself, while the payer can be either the health facility itself or the Ministry of Health, the Charitable Foundation or the patient himself. We work with all financing channels, since we are supplying in partnership with a large Russian pharmaceutical distributor - ZAO "Firm EUROSERVICE", having its own pharmacy network "OMNIPHARM"


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