«Health before that outweighs all other benefits of life,

that a truly healthy beggar is happier than a sick king»

(Artur Schopenhauer)


In accordance with paragraph 5 of Article 37 of the Federal Law of 21.11.2011, No. 323-FZ "ON THE BASIS OF HEALTH PROTECTION OF CITIZENS IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION ", the patient has the right to be treated by any medicinal product that has a quality certificate, including unregistered ones, according to vital indications or individual intolerance. The prescription of such a drug should be carried out by a medical consultation. Procurement of such drugs can be carried out by the Ministry of Health, Treatment-and-prophylactic establishment, Charitable Foundation, as well as the patient himself. Government Resolution No. 771 regulates the procedure for the importation of such drugs. Our company is able to search for any drug on the foreign market from distributor partners and manufacturers, and we are engaged in obtaining import permits, processing all necessary documents for the delivery of medicines to the territory of the Russian Federation. The partnership with a large Russian distributor with Omnipharm's own pharmacy network allows us to deliver to anywhere in Russia, Kazakhstan and the near abroad 


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